Taxes and Retirement

While each client’s situation and goals are specific, we use a unique 3 bucket strategy with a goal of helping clients to address their taxes as they approach and transition into retirement. An effective tax planning strategy can have a major impact on your long term wealth and the earlier that this strategy gets applied, the more effective it can be at potentially reducing taxes when you retire.

<strong>The Taxable Bucket</strong>

The Taxable Bucket

<strong>The Tax-Deferred Bucket</strong>

The Tax-Deferred Bucket

<strong>The Tax-Free Bucket</strong>

The Tax-Free Bucket

Most investors get to retirement with the vast majority of their assets in the taxable and tax-deferred buckets which can create a huge tax burden when they begin to draw on their assets. We help our clients to balance these 3 buckets so that they can keep more of what they have saved. The below video gives some insight into how tax efficient investing and distribution strategies can help you to keep more of your hard earned dollars in retirement:

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